White Chocolate Ganache - Quick and Easy!

Hello cake friends! I want to share with you one of my favorite cake decorating mediums, chocolate ganache. This really isn't a recipe, but more of a technique. It is so delicious and can be used in various ways, to cover cakes, use as a crumb coat, as a decorative drip around a cake, to make truffles, to cover petit fours, and other endless ways.

I have adapted this technique from Jessica Harris Cake Designs. It is a really simple way of making ganache. The ingredients are simple, chocolate and heavy cream.That's it! Be sure to use a good high quality chocolate. It really does make a difference. There is a typical ratio to use. For white chocolate, the ratio is 3:1, meaning 3 parts white chocolate to 1 part heavy cream. For dark chocolate, the ratio is 2:1, meaning 2 parts dark chocolate to 1 part heavy cream. I have seen several recipes on the internet that use different ratios and to use chocolate chunks instead of chips but this is the recipe/technique that works for me.

For my white chocolate ganache, I prefer to use Guittard chips. They work very well and this brand is so creamy. (For dark chocolate ganache I mostly use Ghirardelli chips). I always use chips because they melt so much easier.

The ratio for white chocolate ganache is 3:1. For this batch, I was making a small amount so I used 12 oz. white chocolate to 4 oz heavy cream.

Pour the chips into a glass bowl and set aside. Then pour the cream into a small pan. Place on the stove on medium high.

Heat the heavy cream until just about to boil.

Pour the hot cream into the bowl of chocolate.

Wiggle the mixture around to allow the cream to distribute throughout the chocolate.

Let it sit for one minute to allow the chocolate to start melting.

Place bowl into microwave for one minute on high.Take out of microwave, wiggle the bowl,then let sit for another minute.

Grab a whisk and slowly start stirring the mixture.

Continue stirring.....

And will start seeing the ganache come together and become smooth and creamy.

And now you have smooth, creamy, delicious white chocolate ganache! Cover with Saran wrap and let cool and thicken to the desired thickness for your project. I will be using this for a crumb coat on a cake so I want to get it to a buttercream consistency to ice on a cake.

Thank you for watching my picture tutorial! Hope you learned something from it. If you have a comments or questions, feel free to leave me a note.

Til next time!


Patricia Ann

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