What's Happening in the 2020 Cake Trends?

Well it looks like all the wedding websites and bride's magazines are ready with the 2020 wedding cake trends! They all have common themes and are basically on point with each other. I look forward to these readings every year! I thought I would wrap up some of the common trends for the new year.

Of course flowers are always on the top of the list for wedding cakes. The trendy difference is that this year, not only are flowers ON the cake, flowers are also part of the cake finish. Hand painted flower designs are popular. Speaking of hand painting, swirls of color painted palettes are popular. Impressionists style art designs such as Monet, Degas, and Matisse. Abstract designs are just beautiful.

Then switching to geometric designs and mosaics. Geometrics will include not only the shape of the cake, but the actual design itself. Mosaics with tile and a hint of Moroccan and exotic style. Love this idea! So many ways to make a cake like this.

Metallics next year will be more on the bronze, copper, old gold and silver looks. Rose gold is starting to fade out. Rose gold is beautiful but getting to be somewhat overused.

One trend that is becoming popular, which I love is the deckled edge. It's so romantic and old school. Here is a deckled edge cake that I made.

Think Harry and Meghan's royal wedding. I loved their wedding cake design. Simple, yet elegant. The deckled edge reminds me of the beautiful, torn edged vintage stationery. This design looks beautiful with a Swiss Meringue buttercream finish.

Switching to another lovely trend is the rustic cakes. Moving away from the burlap designs, rustic is going more toward ferns with more woodsy type flowers.

Cake stands are moving away from the traditional type of stands to more geometric shapes and frames as well as shabby chic style boxes. I really love this idea as you can really add to the glamour and style of a cake with a unique cake stand! What a great trend!

Whatever cake design you are looking for, whether it be trendy or a more traditional style, it is YOUR special day, and YOUR special cake. At Polished Pearl Cakes, I know how important this day is to you so you can be confident checking the cake task off of your list and know that it is in good hands. :)

Speaking of wedding cakes, don't forget the groom! Groom's cakes are so popular these days, giving the groom his own very special cake. This cake is usually a novelty cake made into something that is unique about the groom. Usually a hobby, sport, passion. I would love to make your groom his own specialty cake! So much fun!

A brief excerpt about cake other than weddings. Trends for birthday and other occasion cakes are strongly related to wedding cake styles.

The Pantone Color of the Year for 2020 is Classic Blue. You will be seeing this color in many cakes and flower decor on cakes.

Sprinkles on cakes are very big and gaining popularity. Such a fun and colorful cake trend!

Fault line cakes are still popular as they came in full swing in 2019. I have seen so many unique fault line cakes that look fabulous!

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Looking forward to creating an amazing cake for you!



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