Time For My Cake Business To Blossom A New Flower

Has it been a month already since my last post?!? Wow, time has gotten away from me in September. So much going on, in my personal life and cake biz life. On the personal note, my daughter has blessed us with another grandchild, this one is a girl! We now have two beautiful grandchildren, boy and girl. This really makes me ecstatic! Being a grandparent is an amazing experience. Lucky children will get some fancy cakes from grandma throughout their lives. ;)

Going onward to my cake biz, I have been super busy behind the scenes, reorganizing my cake studio making a much more efficient work space. Added some new appliances and work stations. In making these changes, I have really dug in deeper to what I want to get out of my cake business and who I am as a cake artist. Doing this sole searching has really helped me redefine my professional level of cake artistry for what I want for you, my customer. I have changed my business model to reflect this redefinition.

Game of Thrones

As you will notice some changes in my website, I will be focusing on more wedding cakes, sculpted cake and gravity defying cakes. This is where my love of cakes pave the way to new ideas and reveal some more artistic designs. This is very exciting for me, especially now I can focus on more detailed and higher end cakes for you. Building on my artistic talent to create for you a cake that will WOW you. Not saying my cakes in the past weren't WOW factor, but now, I am thinking out of the box and taking the WOW factor a step further. Stretching the cake ideas and inspirations to something that has never been done before. Working from inside of my head, to bring about some pretty amazing original designs. Not trendy designs that are mimicked all over Pinterest or Google. Designs that come from within, designs that define me as an artist, designs that you will love as a unique, made expressively for you design.

I am still making available my side menu items such as cupcakes, cake pops, decorated sugar cookies and macarons, however they will not be the main focus of my cake business any longer. They will mostly be add-on menu items for cake orders. This change is important to give me the time to focus on what you, my customers want to see and purchase in a cake. What you want to see at your event cake table, what you want in your memory albums to look back on, and most importantly, to experience in the now, the taste, the design, the style. THE WOW FACTOR.

Remember, a cake is not just a cake, it is art, it is deliciousness on a plate, it is divine. I believe you will see, once you order your cake from me, that you made the right decision. My passion for making you a cake that you deserve, that you will enjoy, that you will taste for yourself, makes it all worth while.

Most importantly in my cake world, is you, my customer. You are the reason I keep making cakes. You are the reason I push my limits and skills to new levels to create you an even more divine cake. You are the reason that I test and retest new recipes to perfect them to make you the most delicious cake you ever tasted.

I would love to hear your comments so feel free to leave me a comment below. Looking forward to the new adventures in creating you amazing and jaw dropping cakes!

Patricia Ann

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