Summer Love!

Summer is almost here; and thank goodness for that, huh?! It’s been a rough few months with the pandemic, riots and weather! I’m hopeful that the second half of the year (keeping my fingers crossed) will be much nicer. My husband and I bought a pretty little tree and planted it in a perfect spot on our front lawn. We call it the tree of love. It is a miniature weeping purple redbud. After it blooms in the spring of beautiful lavender-colored flowers, the rest of the year, it grows these lovely heart-shaped leaves, hence the name we gave it, the tree of love. It’s just a baby now at about 6 feet but will grow to about 10-12 feet. It’s a good thing we staked it when we planted it because yesterday, we had a heck of a thunder and wind storm which was blowing the poor thing sideways! I was so worried for it, but it survived the storm and stands proud. This tree symbolizes to me as a symbol of love and everything beautiful.

Now, speaking of summer being almost here, I am so ready for summer flavors and cake designs! I experimented this week with a new recipe flavor of coconut lime. The flavors just sound so good together! You get the sweetness of the coconut and tartness of the lime all rolled up in one flavor. I love trying out new flavor combinations. One of my favorite summer flavors is orange creamsicle. This is a great flavor and just reminds you of the popular classic creamsicle popsicle that has been everyone’s favorite for many years. I’ll be sharing this recipe for all to enjoy in my May-June newsletter.

Just thinking of all of the fun, summertime flavors I’ll be pulling out and adding to my list of available flavors here on my website. Flavors such as strawberry watermelon, peach mango, blueberry pie, margarita, ginger peach, pink lemonade, cherry coconut and a few more lovely summer flavors. Try these out in cupcakes! They are fantastic!

For the summer, I’ll be changing my focus to cupcakes and cookies. They are great for picnics, small parties and backyard barbecues. They are convenient, no fuss, grab and go desserts. Look for an occasional flash sale! Summer desserts are so much fun! Not too heavy, easy to serve and no knife needed for cutting! You can have these as an add on also to a focal cake. Give the recipient of the event a small 6-inch cake and then serve cupcakes in the same flavor! So many ways to enjoy party desserts!

Well, with all of this talk of cakes and cupcakes, I better get rolling in the kitchen! I hope everyone has a safe and happy summer. Don’t forget to check out my orange creamsicle recipe in my latest newsletter, the May-June issue!



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