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Updated: Apr 13, 2020

I have really had some thoughts lately about our current situation in society with the social distancing and celebration parties being restricted to small family gatherings of people within your household. What a huge disappoint that is for children with their birthday parties, families with new babies on the way and wanting to shower the pregnant lady with a baby shower, brides having to put weddings on hold for a bit, and just about any other celebration that would involve a large gathering of friends and family to celebrate. I know children especially look forward to celebrating their birthday with their friends coming to a party. I remember when my daughter was little and every year planning out the promising birthday party. One year, rollerskating party, another year, gymnastic party, then Happy Tymes (children' gaming and gym), then McDonald's party, bowling, slumber parties; you get the gist. The point is these are all social outings. Children are missing out right now from this socialization.

Then, on social networking, I have been seeing a lot of creative people planning on a small in-house family cake along with a virtual party. What a brilliant idea! Thanks to modern technology, we can FaceTime, Skype, Video Chat and other virtual platforms to be able to still have a "party", and keep your social distancing! I foresee that smaller cakes are going to be a "thing" for awhile until this pandemic isn't a huge health issue and people are feeling better about socializing again.

While my cake business is more of a wedding cake and higher end sculpted/novelty cake business, I have decided to start a new line of cakes in my business to include small families and smaller events. The cakes will be 6 inch cakes, single or double barrel, in fairly simple designs for a set price. A six inch cake (four layers) will serve nine and a double barrel (2 four layer cakes stacked on top of one another with a cake board in between) will serve eighteen.

I really feel this will help out families and ease the stress of not having a large celebration event. I have lots of designs and lots of ideas to suit any type of celebration. Because they are smaller cakes, large decorations are not necessary. I believe it'll work. I can add simple decorations on the cakes, as I have a wide variety of cake decor and cake toppers that I sell in my Etsy Shop, PatsEdibleCreations.

Here is a sampling of some of my 6-inch cake designs to get an idea of different styles.

I'm excited about this new line of cakes for my business! I love making elaborate cakes and intrinsic, fun novelty cakes, but I also love the simplicity of a 6-inch cake. It'll be fun! Hope you love this new facet of cakes I'll be making in conjunction with my niche styled cakes!

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