Social Distancing - The New Buzz Word

The new buzz word for 2020: Social Distancing. Sad, huh? In a society that we try to encourage social acceptance, community, social gatherings, events; due to a virus of unknown certainty, we are forced to isolate ourselves from society. Yes, it is necessary to keep the virus from spreading, but still and all, it's sad. Sense of belonging is a human need, as in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. While we have our families in which we are very grateful and thankful to belong to, there are many people out there who are alone and have no families, who depended on socialization to fulfill that need to belong. What can we do to minimize the affects of social isolation? I am thankful for my family. There are so many ways families can turn to each other and enjoy the down time together to get back to basics. Turn off the TV for a bit and reconnect. And then we have social media. At this time, social media has become our socialization. It is where many turn to have that human connection right now, even if it's not face to face. I have laughed so hard over the past week at all of the memes revolved around the COVID-19 virus. They are not meant to make light of a situation, they are meant to make people laugh and enjoy some chuckles in an uncertain time. It helps relieve the anxiety we are all experiencing not knowing what tomorrow will bring with more and more restrictions away from people. So yes, social media is important to us right now at a time where we cannot go to the movies, or out to a restaurant, or a festival, or any other social event.

I am trying to come up with other ways to share with people other than face to face. It's difficult! I used to love window shopping at the outlets, browsing around the craft stores for ideas, going out to dinner for a date night with my husband, go to spring festivals, go to Farmers Markets. Now we don't have that luxury of freedom to be social. We have to do this through interfacing on the internet or our phones. This global pandemic has really put a halt on society as we know it. Hopefully it will pass quickly and we don't lose too many people from it. Staying in our homes and only going out for necessities is the only way to keep it from reaching you. But is it? I have a friend who followed every precaution, did the social distancing, washed hands frequently, and she now has the virus. Bummer.

We all need to hang in there and hopefully this will all pass quickly and life will be back to normal, whatever that may be, most likely, a new kind of normal. Just my thoughts being poured out onto "paper".

I am continuing to make amazing cake designs and cake toppers! :) <3

Have a great day all and smile. This too shall pass. 😊



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