My Inspirations as a Cake Artist

I decided to start blogging so you, my cake friends, can get a glimpse of my thought process with my cakes and the world of caking. I would like to show you more in depth what I do and the steps to get there, answer your questions, show you tutorials, share the recipes that I use, and everything in between. So here it is, my first blog. I really look at caking more as an art than just baking, spreading buttercream and tossing on a few decorations. I put a lot of thought into the designs you are looking for. I want you to know me as a cake artist who will present you with a wow factor cake. One that stands out from the rest, one that you will remember because memories are important. I desire my cakes to be a part of your memories because that is what it is all about. Making memories for your special events. Your events are important to me also because I know my cakes will be in your memory photos. That really makes me smile!

As my blossoming thoughts into being a cake artist, I look at the world around me for inspirations for cake designs. Nature. There is nothing more simple, but complex as the beautiful outdoors. So many inspirations out there for cake designs. As I am looking out my living room window right now and seeing the trees, with leaves starting to drop already even in late August, I can't help feel inspired right now by thoughts of autumn. What a beautiful, colorful time of the year. So many cake ideas! On the other hand, I am working on several summer cakes still so trying to keep my mind on the ocean with blue, teal and turquoise coloring along with sunny yellow.

I am also inspired by your themes and what the event is about. Weddings? There are so many ways to incorporate the bride and groom's personality into the wedding cake theme. And how about the bridal shower and groom's cake? I love building cakes around the recipient's interests and loves in life. Talking about recipient's interests, let's go to birthdays. Wow! So many ways to make a fun and wow factor cake. I can go from elegant and fanciful to crazy and surreal.

I could go on and on about all the things in this world that inspire me to create, but my inspiration starts with you, my customers, my cake friends. My blogs are open to comments so feel free to drop a comment and tell me what you think. Looking forward to a lasting cake blogger relationship. Now to get back to my buttercream!

Have a great day friends!

Patricia Ann

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