Is That Really Cake!?!

If you have visited my gallery or social media sites, you may have seen this character recently. This cake is one of the many sculpted gravity defying cakes that I have made. Sculpting cake is one of my main loves in the caking world. It is art, it is different than a sheet cake or one layer bakery cake. It is a fun and zany way of making cakes that do not even look like cake. Wouldn't you love to hear your party guests say with a surprised look on their face, "Wow! That's a cake!?!" Be the family member, friend, neighbor, co-worker who will always be known for having the most awesome and zany cakes at their events. Anything can be made into a cake. There are so many sugar mediums out there to be able to make this happen. Cake is not just covered in buttercream or fondant anymore. The choices are endless to make a sculpted cake look realistic enough to make you question if it's really cake under there. I love hearing from my customers, "How did you do that!?!"

Picture this cake at your Thanksgiving dessert table next to the pumpkin pie and apple crisp. Wouldn't it be a hoot!?! Every person at that event would remember this comical rendition of Black Friday shopping. When they are out shopping for sales the next day, they will get a smile on their faces thinking about this crazy cake that YOU provided. A memory for them. A memory for you. Not only that, as a bonus, they had CAKE! Cake that is unbelievably delicious. Cake that had a unique flavor other than chocolate or vanilla.

This cake is just one of the many different cakes that I can make. The ideas are endless. For any occasion. I truly believe in my work, my talent to create designs that will wow your guests and make you the cake hero. You, my customer, are important to me. When I am hired to create a cake, I give you every bit of your money's worth. You can count on my design being just what you are looking for. What is your next cake presentation going to look like? Allow me to help you serve the best, most unique cake your guests have experienced. Contact me today so we can talk cake! Click on this link:

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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