I recently posted a discussion in my Facebook personal page about sheet cakes. I wanted to see what the fascination was about them since I see them a lot in my news feeds. I asked for honest input whether it be positive or negative. So here is what I have gathered from opening this discussion up. Sheet cakes are cheap for when you are on a budget or just don't want to spend a lot of money; they are easy to cut without any fussing with; and designer cakes are just a waste of money. Cake is just cake, right??? Well......IS cake just cake?!?

Is a custom car just a car? Is a custom made wedding gown just a dress? Are designer shoes just shoes? How about expensive, good quality make-up as opposed to drug store make-up? It's just make-up, right? How about designer diet programs or fitness programs? Custom-made designer jewelry? How about art/paintings? It's just something to fill space on a wall, right? How about getting family portraits done at a professional photography studio instead of just taking the photos on your iPhone camera? It's just a picture.

What do all of these things have in common?.........They are custom-made. Definition of CUSTOM-MADE: Made particular to a customer's order. Without realizing it, we spend money routinely on "custom-made" purchases. Custom-made, made expressly for you, costs more money than off the shelf items. Custom-made are higher quality, as the artist/designer takes time to make YOU, the customer, something special that no one else has. We are all unique individuals and have our own priorities on what we are willing to spend extra money on for custom-made items. Someone who spends thousands upon thousands of dollars on a custom-made car, may think it's crazy to spend $200 on a custom designed cake. Custom-made items are luxuries. We are willing to pay for/squirrel money away for luxuries that are important to US.

Custom cakes are a luxury like any other custom-made item. I look at my cake designs as art. And as with other forms of art, you are paying not just for the product, you are paying for the talent. With this being said, I have changed up my business model and am focusing on more designer style cakes. My cake business is not a regular, run of the mill bakery pumping out tons of seasonal confections nor making basic Pinterest style cakes. I no longer offer sheet cakes on my menu because I am focusing on unique, out of the ordinary cakes and in addition to this, I will also be focusing on wedding cakes. This is a very exciting time for me! I have upped my game and changed my business model because I want something unique for YOU, my customers. You can buy a sheet cake anywhere, but a custom designed cake, is so much more than just cake. ❤️ If you are looking for something special for your next event, just click on this link to contact me. I want to help YOU make your next event even more special!

Patricia Ann

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