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So I did a thing. I created an Etsy Shop for cake toppers to share with you so you can buy cake toppers for your cakes if you are not in the delivery area to order a cake from me! For those of you who aren't familiar with Etsy, it is an online selling platform for those who make their own crafts. Each seller opens up a "shop" in which you can virtually browse through to find wonderful crafts. The website has a search button so if you are looking for a specific item you can do a search. How awesome is that!?! To buy hand crafted items without having to seek out local craft shows or going from boutique shops to boutique shops looking for that special item.

I have an absolute love for making sugar craft cake toppers, edible figures, sugar flowers. Not only would I make cake toppers for custom cakes that I sell, I design cake dummies to show my talents and make toppers and sugar flower arrangements for them. I would think afterward, what should I do with all of the decorations that I make for dummies? So, why not sell them! Etsy has given me a great outlet to "show off" my talents and give you, my customers, an opportunity to buy a cake decorations and have it shipped to you to place on your cakes. This is helpful for so many people. For the hobby bakers, you may love to bake and icing cakes, but may not have the skill level or supplies to make an elaborate decoration for the cake. There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying cake decorations to show off your cake and take it to the next level! You don't necessarily have to make everything that goes on your cake, it's still homemade when someone else makes the decorations! This is also great for the professional cake decorator who makes a lot of cakes and doesn't have time to make all of the decorations. Ordering sugar flowers from me or edible figures or other edible decorations makes your time more proficient to get those orders out.

Telling a story. This cake topper tells a story for the cake. This cake was for an 80th birthday for a grandma. It replicates her personality. This grandma had a cute little dog named Coco. Grandma loved having afternoon tea and toast in her favorite armchair, with her slippers on and warm lap blanket and and her beloved dog Coco. This is detail. I love taking the personality of the recipient of the cake and making a topper to represent them. Something they can cherish. Can you imagine the look of delight on grandma's face when she saw the cake topper on the cake and realized this was her! Her favorite things on a chilly afternoon and it was replicated just for her! I love making people smile at my work of art!

Sugar flowers. I have a new love for making sugar flowers. I just love bringing an edible

flower to life to make it look like the real deal. Roses are one of my favorites! They can be made in so many different colors and varieties. I have several different types of flowers in my Etsy Shop such as roses, carnations, cherry blossoms, lavender, hibiscus, dahlia, ranunculus, freesias, plumeria, poinsettia, baby's breath, filler flowers, with more in the making every day! A simple cake can be brightened up beautifully with some strategically placed sugar flowers. They can take a plain Jane cake to stunning!

And then you have the ultimate sugar toppers which take much time and detail and are super specific to a theme. This Game of Thrones king/queen throne was very detailed as I hand cut each sword individually to place onto the throne. Since I am an avid Game of Thrones fan, and have watched the reruns over and over many times, I was able to really dig into the detail and understanding of building this cake topper. I thoroughly enjoyed making this topper as it told a story. From the wheel base to the chair form to the swords to painting the cake topper with edible paints. It was a truly amazing topper to work with. To give this topper an antique look, I mixed several different metallic colors together and painted on. It worked out beautifully.

In wrapping this blog up, I want to express how much I love creating the perfect cake decorations for you. Please visit my Etsy Shop for a full view of all of the toppers and decorations that I make. You can place your order directly on my Etsy Shop page. Here is the link and hope to see you there!

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