Cake Boards - It's About The Presentation

I recently finished a paid tutorial offered by one of my favorite cake artists, Kara Andretta. This tutorial was all about cake boards and how you can incorporate them into the cake theme. I'm telling you, this was a real eye opener! I now look at cake boards very differently. For those of you that are not in the cake world, a cake board is the base in which your cake sits on. It's a mode for delivery to keep your cake stable. It is commonly decorated in foil, or fondant or just plain for a simple cake. I see cake boards like the finishing of the product. My best analogy is, say you go into a fine dining establishment. Your meal is brought to you with beautiful, eye pleasing plating. You know that food establishment went the extra mile to not only cook you a great meal, but presented it to you in an eye candy way. I see cake boards like this. When I get a cake order, I not only plan out the design for the cake, I plan out the design for the cake board also. The cake board is an extension of the cake. There are so many ways to get creative in making the cake board stand out. I learned many things with this tutorial and now look all around me for ways to make my cake boards stand out and look their best.

This is a cake board that I made recently for a beach themed cake. I used royal icing as my sugar medium. Royal icing dries hard so it makes a perfect medium for decorating cake boards. This cake board represents the ocean with hues of blue, teal and turquoise, with white caps for the waves. Added in some fondant dolphins and sea shells. Sprinkle on some edible glitter for sparkle and there you have a lovely cake board to match the theme of the cake!

By the way, all of my cake board decorations are made out of edible products. Not that you would want to eat them as they are probably hard as a rock from being set up. Hahahaha. I also use edible glue to secure the decorations. So even though the decorations are edible, they may hurt your teeth if you eat them. ;)

As I bring this all together, just like plating an eye pleasing dish, being creative in making the cake boards, shows an interesting landscape for the actual main event, the cake. You will be seeing a lot more cake plating (decorated boards) with my cakes so don't miss an opportunity to see the latest designs I make! Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or right back here on my blogs and gallery here on my website.

Have a great night friends!

Patricia Ann

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