Of course you are! That is why you are here!  You are looking for a not-so-usual cake that your guests will remember for a long time. You are tired of the same designs that you see everywhere in cakes. You want   something different, something that will be out of the ordinary and won't be forgettable. YOU want to be the cake hero! 


     I feel as if we know each other already. I know what you are looking for. You are the mom who wants a crazy, over-the-top cake for your child; you are the significant other who wants to give your love a cake that will put more than just a smile on their face, a cake they can brag about. What ever the situation may be, you are looking for that one-of-a-kind cake. 





This is where I can help you.

You may have be told in the past that  cake is just cake, or you should just go to Costco or Walmart for a cake, or a sheet cake is the easiest to serve.


These are old school thoughts of what you are expected to do when buying an event cake. There are so many other options to choose from by seeking out a specialist in cakes and cake events. 

I give you the personal touch that you crave in a cake. I am the only person/cake artist in Polished Pearl Cakes. You can be guaranteed my full undivided attention when designing and making your special cake. There is no middleman, just me. I don't mass produce cakes, nor do I have to meet a quota on how many cake orders I get. When you order from me, you are getting custom work, unique work, a cake made especially for you. 

A cake is not just a cake. It's a work of art, a statement. So much more. Your journey for a perfect cake begins here. You feel it. This is where you will find your cake lady. 


I know, you clicked on this page to learn a little about the person behind the cake so let me tell you a little about who I am. 


 Hi! I am Patty DiFondi. I am a cake artist, wife, mom, grandmom and cake business owner. My passion is making beautiful cakes, and having my cakes make a difference in my client's lives. I absolutely love making novelty cakes which are sculpted and fun! They are usual not your typical cake, made to look like something other than cake. My other favorite cake to make is an anniversary cake. I am a romanticist and enjoy adding romantic and vintage designs to cake. 

Even though Polished Pearl Cakes has been in business for only three years, I have had many years of experience as a cake artist, owning a previous brick and mortar custom cake bakery, and home based cakery previous to that. 

Prior to my love of the cake business, I was a nurse for twenty five years and a paralegal for five years. Big difference, huh!?! I guess I had a talent that was hidden all those years just waiting to burst out!

I have taken over 95 cake decorating courses which gave me the skills to expand on my creativity in cake design. 

Some fun facts about me ~ I am a military spouse (retired) and have lived in many states, adapting to the wonderful different regions of the USA, and now settled in my forever home. Originally from Hatboro, PA. I love lavender and in the summer can be seen frequenting our local lavender farm sitting in my happy place overlooking the lavender fields. I can probably recite word for word ever episode of Game of Thrones, and most of all, I love being around family.

So there you have it! Me in a nutshell!


What People Are Saying...

So What's Next? 


" Over that last several years Patty has made me several cakes for many different occasions. She loves the challenge and using her creative mind to make many different styles of cakes, and takes pride in each product made. Patty is a true master of her craft, works with the client ensuring they are pleased with the whole experience and is very detail oriented. She is the best in the area and I highly recommend her making the cake for your next big event!" - Melissa M. Warminster, PA

Ice Cream Cone Drip.jpg

"Patty was so easy to work with! Our themed cake and cupcakes were perfect and they tasted so delicious! Highly recommended!" - Lindsay A.

Sellersville, PA 

"Two of my grandchildren have birthdays a week apart. I contacted Patty at Polished Pearl Cakes and Confections to create birthday cakes for their themed parties. I was not disappointed! Her attention to detail was amazing and the delight on the kids faces were wonderful to behold! Patty is a master craftswoman with a talent that goes above and beyond, taking your idea and turning it into a masterpiece work of art. I highly recommend her if you would like a truly amazing cake for a special occasion." - Lori F., Perkasie, PA